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Monday, 31 August 2015

Hi I am Paivi - this is my very first post

Hi I'm Paivi, I have been interested in health and well being since I was a teenager in Finland. Today, I live in Surrey, in UK, with a family and a dog and I have never felt better. I geared my profession toward health and also for my family background I feel that I have lot to share regarding well being and inner happiness. I will share tips regarding diets, healthy food recipes, maintenance of great mental wellbeing and positivity.

Just to start with the topic of toning up or weight lost, I was challenged a year ago by a lady hockey player and I have been blown away by Body by Vi challenge. Many people achieving more in a few months than they did in many years previously. That is truly satisfying.

Great success with Bodybyvi

Work out is part of the journey and makes you feel great. Work out = feeling great!!